Sunday, December 13, 2009


Knits hats & Sophie's skirt purchased at the Beehive Bazaar.

The Bella Saga

Where to start. We received Bella from Joseph's mom this past summer. We instantly loved her. She is sweet, cute and clean.

She wouldn't leave Emma's side when Emma had the flu:

Of course, we already have a cat as you know. Sammy is sort of sweet, kind of cute and honestly, not that clean. He tries, but due to his size, he has a hard time reaching everywhere when he's cleaning himself.

At first Sammy & Bella weren't too sure about each other. But eventually, much to our delight, they became friends!
Enter the evil neighbor cat I like to call "Hitler". Hitler started showing up in our backyard toward the end of the summer. I would chase him away and so would Sammy, but Hitler kept showing up and taunting my two kitties.

As this continued to go on, Sammy's demeanor around the house started to change. He wasn't so nice to Bella anymore. In fact, he started chasing and pouncing on her frequently. He even starting "marking" his territory around the house. Ewwwwwww. He had NEVER done that before.

We took Sammy to the vet to see what we could do, and $300 later our answer was "Get rid of one of your cats."

We were debating what we should do, when suddenly one night, when Joseph got home from work, he opened the front door and before he could stop them, Sammy chased Bella out of the house, down the street and around the corner. Joseph went running after them, but could not find Bella.

We called Bella all night and morning, but she didn't return. We put up signs around the neighborhood, checked the animal shelter several times a week, but no sign of Bella.

More than two weeks had passed and we had all just about given up hope for her return. All of us except Emma that is. She prayed every night that Bella would come home. I did too, but the reality was starting to sink in. It was COLD at night. Bella was tiny. It had been weeks. It didn't look good.

Then, on Thanksgiving weekend a miracle occurred! Emma looked out the front window and thought she saw Bella running across the street. We all ran outside and called her and searched for her, but no luck.

Then about 30 minutes later we received a call from a neighbor saying he had our kitty! And he did!! Almost three weeks to the day, Bella came home. Really tired, very dirty, extremely hungry and thirsty, but she's home! Emma calls it a Thanksgiving miracle.

All is well again in the McRae house.

WOW Sophie!

I know, I know. I've let the blog go lately. Those in my family should cut me some SLACK though, since we've been playing ring around the rosy with sickness lately. Anyway, I'm recommitted, so today will be the first of my "catch up" posts.

At Westridge Elementary each month, they hold a "WOW" assembly. This is an assembly where the school recognizes the "Westridge Outstanding Wildcats" for the month. Sophie won the award last month which was great! If you win, your name is entered into a drawing for an iPod shuffle and guess who won?

It just so happpened that on that same day, she won a gigantic chocolate bar for being the best fundraiser in her class. Sophie calls it her "Best Day Ever".

(By the way, if you click on the Westridge Elementary link, you'll get to see a picture of Jake & Kevin on the ski lift at Sundance!)