Monday, December 26, 2011

A Merry Christmas.

It seems that since I haven't been blogging a lot lately, I'm not taking as many pictures. So I tried to document this Christmas, but didn't do a terrific job. I took ZERO pictures of our fabulous prime rib Christmas Eve dinner at Ann & Garry's. I took ZERO pictures of our traditional shrimp curry Christmas dinner with my side of the family.

I did manage a few photos of Christmas morning. I think I'll try a bit harder on New Year's Eve. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It can't hurt to try...

So it's been 7 months without a blog post. And yes, I know that this post is completely self-serving. But... if you happen to know Santa personally or one of his elves named Joseph, would you whisper in his ear to check my blog. Christmas is rapidly approaching after all. :)

Links to make things as easy as possible for Santa's Elf:


Hobo Internation wallet in Orchid:

Rice Cooker:

Iphone 4 Case:

Silver Drop Earrings:

Ipad Case:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No need to call the fire department.

Apparently some people (mom... Suz...) are getting annoyed that I made this big statement about updating my blog weekly, then I didn't. Also, my mom told me last night that she particularly hated the picture that was on my blog every time she checked it (the movie poster for Rabbit Hole). So, since I haven't been taking pictures a whole lot and have just been working, I found something that Betsy & I cracked up over last month.

Betsy & Steve were here visiting with Charlie on Jacob's birthday last month and Bets made Jake a lovely cake. Jake hates cake, so really it was for us. I forgot my regular camera so I had to use my iphone for all his birthday pictures.

I give you Jake, Betsy & the flaming birthday cake...

And again...

Really it looked like this...

I guess the iphone has a little trouble with flames :)

Friday, March 11, 2011


We've seen quite a few movies lately. A couple of week ago we saw Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. It was amazing. Two thumbs way up. That said though, it was really tough to watch. Definitely not a "feel good" movie, but incredibly honest performances. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days.
Next up, The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon (sigh). It was ok. I think it would have bombed if it hadn't been for Matt Damon who carried the whole film. It was a really cool idea, but it didn't come together. Rent it.
And finally, Winter's Bone, with lots of people I don't know. It was really good, but again, a real downer. It was a fascinating look into the lives of "mountain dwellers". (That's my own description of people who live in the Appalachians). It always amazes me that a huge segment of Americans live like that. Crazy. Rent it.
On deck for next week:
Battle: Los Angeles
Not my favorite type of movie, but a marriage is give and take, right? :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Weeks in Review.

The iPhone app that is sweeping the McRae household right now is Tiny Wings. We love it.

Joseph was featured in Utah Valley Magazine this month as one of their "Fab 50." I tried to link the article to this picture, so hopefully it works.

I bought school lunch for only the 2nd time in 3 years of teaching. It wasn't terrible. Although when Joseph saw this picture he thought it was fish. It's actually a pizza roll-up thing.

During the Academy Awards we got bored. Scilla paid the price.

I got to see the Carl Bloch Exhibit at the MOA with all these lovely ladies.
If you're local, go see it now.

And finally... Emma had the nerve to turn ELEVEN on me. She and ELEVEN of her besties had a girls-only dinner at Pizzeria 712. They were the picture of maturity. Joseph & I sat as far away from them as possible and we didn't once have to walk over and check on them or tell them to quiet down. I was so proud.
The "after-party" at home was another story, though.
I'll just let the pictures and video tell the story.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week in Review (a day or so late)

This is a picture heavy post, and it's not in chronological order (which really bugs me).
Did you know that doggy medication comes in huge blue bottles? I didn't, until now:
Sweet Scilla tried to hop out of the car last weekend and couldn't. She also couldn't jump up. When she stopped eating, we took her to the vet. It's a hip injury. Don't worry, she'll be fine. Here are some pictures from my doggy photo shoot this week. Obviously I have a cheap point and shoot camera, but Scilla was very cooperative.

When I was doing the dishes one night this week I dumped the "water" out of theses bottles and was greeted by dozens of little creatures that had been "swimming" for days:

Sophie has decided that one day she will own a spa. She has given spa treatments to everyone in the family and a good number of people in our extended family. She's actually getting quite good. Thank you NuSkin for the gift basket you gave to my husband. Sophie couldn't have wished for a better present:
We had the Science Fair a couple of weeks ago which meant SLIME...


It was also Valentine's Day.
Joseph got me a Kindle and I absolutely LOVE it.Emma got sick which included a fever and HIVES... (don't tell her I posted this. she'd be mad)I got an awesome new mirror at Ross and talked the cashier down in price because there was a small crack. Success!
Suzy & Ryan's baby boy Cole was blessed last Sunday so we made the trip up to North Ogden. It was a great day (despite Scilla's hip injury which occurred sometime between when we got to Suzy's place and when we got home. hmmm.... NALA?)
Other news of note...
Our beloved cat Sammy has a new home. He was tormenting little Bells and then started "marking" his territory. That was the final straw. The great news is that our cousins took him! Yay for the Gleasons!
Sammy loves his new home. He is king of his castle. I was a little surprised at how quickly he seemed to adjust. I mean, we did love & care for him for YEARS. Now he barely even acknowledges our presence, but I'll get over it... eventually.
Brenden & Sammy
Do you know who's really happy now that Sammy's gone? Bells is in heaven.
No more living in fear of the big orange monster.

That about wraps it up. I've been working full-time for the entire month of February. I'm ready for a break in March. I'll need it since March begins "Birthday Season" for the McRae children.

Until next week...