Friday, May 7, 2010

Sophie's Baptism & Betsy's Baby Shower Weekend

Last weekend was BUSY. Not only did I co-host a fabulous baby shower for Bets, it was also Sophie's baptism.
On Friday evening we had Betsy's baby shower for little Charlie Green Santos. Here is Betsy showing off some of the adorable fashions she recieved:

This shower was "girls only"The Heywood sisters, pictured with "honorary" Heywood sister, Amanda :)The boys stayed far away from the baby festivities.
I believe they went to some boy movie like Clash of the Titans or something.The next morning Sophie was baptized!
Here is Emma, Sophie & Allie just before her baptism:Grandpa & Sophie:Shannon, Sophie's teacher & my dear friend:The McRae Family:Grandma & Grandpa Heywood:Uncle Steve & Aunt Betsy:Aunt Suzy, Allie & Uncle Ryan:The men. They all took part in Sophie's confirmation. Left to right they are: Tom Gleason, Ryan Taggart, Steven Santos, Joseph McRae, Ernie Heywood, Steven Pelham & John Johnson. Thanks guys!The boys:
Our dear friends, Marlene & Steven. Where the heck is Kevin?!

Besties ~ Alyssa J., Sophie, Audrey & Alyssa C.:
As is tradition for McRae baptisms, we headed over to Utah's own, Chuck-a-Rama for a post baptism lunch. It was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and laughter. Thanks to everyone who took part!


sarah marie. said...

congratulations sophie! and i love the chuck a rama..

Betsy said...

We had such a fun time!!!! Miss you guys already!!!