Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Weeks in Review.

The iPhone app that is sweeping the McRae household right now is Tiny Wings. We love it.

Joseph was featured in Utah Valley Magazine this month as one of their "Fab 50." I tried to link the article to this picture, so hopefully it works.

I bought school lunch for only the 2nd time in 3 years of teaching. It wasn't terrible. Although when Joseph saw this picture he thought it was fish. It's actually a pizza roll-up thing.

During the Academy Awards we got bored. Scilla paid the price.

I got to see the Carl Bloch Exhibit at the MOA with all these lovely ladies.
If you're local, go see it now.

And finally... Emma had the nerve to turn ELEVEN on me. She and ELEVEN of her besties had a girls-only dinner at Pizzeria 712. They were the picture of maturity. Joseph & I sat as far away from them as possible and we didn't once have to walk over and check on them or tell them to quiet down. I was so proud.
The "after-party" at home was another story, though.
I'll just let the pictures and video tell the story.

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katie said...

Eleven! Crazy! Wow you are super mom to put together a shin dig like that. We had a dinner date at communal last night and of course loved it. We had to leave quick because we had the baby with us. Miss you. We should get together next time Im down for card night.