Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opening Night

We made it! Communal opened this evening. Everything was beautiful and the food was delicious. The restaurant opens to the public on Friday evening. You'd better get in line early.
Jacob unfortunately woke up this morning with the stomach flu, so grandpa stayed home with him so we could all go and enjoy the opening. Suz & Ryan were there too, but somehow I managed to get through the evening without a picture of them!

My goal was to photograph all of our food, but as you'll see, that didn't last long. Every dish look so yummy that more often than not, we were half-way done before we'd realized we forgot to take a picture.

The charcuterie plate:

The halibut:

The flat-iron steak:

And that's it for food pictures, so I'll just tell you what else we had.

1. Charcuterie
2. Mixed greens with roasted peaches and toasted almonds
3. Heirloom tomato salad
4. Seared scallops with a cherry tomato relish
5. Halibut w/a delish sauce
6. Flat iron steak with a savory butter
7. Fingerling potatoes roasted in rock salt w/lemon aioli
8. Potato gratin
9. Potato puree
10. Roasted orange & yellow squash
11. Chocolate caramel tart
12. Butterscotch pot de creme
13. Peach pandowdy

I know. We were very spoiled. Sitting in between Amanda and mom was hilarious. When the chocolate tart arrived, they were both in chocolate heaven.

Colton & Joseph at work...
...and flashing their "we did it!" smiles...

Amanda & Casey were there:

Grandma & her gorgeous grand-daughters:
Brian & Joseph:
The calm before the storm:
Cleaning up after our feast:
Communal. So good.


Lexi said...

I am so excited!! I can't wait to eat there. What are the hours going to be?

Suzy said...

Fun times!! I'm still full.

Jen said...

Lexi-for the first month, Communal will be open only for dinner. Then they'll add lunch. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays. It's soooo good. You'll love it!

Ryan said...

thanks jen and joe it was way fun!!! very nice...

Colett (*.*) said...

I am so excited for the new restaurant, I can't wait to try one of everything, it really looks beautiful and I am honored to hang my art there! The two pieces you asked about on my blog are the same size, 10"x 10" and they are $55each. Just let me know if you want 'em.